BigEye Lens G Series

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The BigEye Lens G Series is a patented wide angle lens for the Canon G12, G11, G10, S90*, S95*, S100*, G9* and G7* housings (WP-DC34, WP-DC28, WP-DC35, WP-DC38, Wp-DC43, WP-DC21 and WP-DC11 respectively), which fits over the housing port and can be installed and removed during the course of the dive. 
Perfect for shooting seascape, divers, ship wrecks and schools of fish, without moving further away from the subject, thereby still taking full advantage of water clarity and artificial light sources.

The BigEye Lens G Series introduces a new design, which enables installing color correction filters inside the lens, thereby producing underwater wide angle vivid and colorful images or videos. The lens features a dedicated slot that allows for easy installation of red or pink color correction insert discs, which restore the colors absorbed by water.