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XL Stay Slot Tray

CODE: UC-2030

$64.34   $55.95
In stock
Sturdy  XL Stay Slot Tray  to connect the entire underwater photo system, including the housing, arms, flash and lights.  The tray comes...

Minimum quantity for "XL Stay Slot Tray" is 1.

Wide Angle Lens Holder


$40.25   $35.00
In stock
  Wide Angle Lens Holder  allows you to store the Bonica Wide-Angle Conversion Lens on your light arm when not in use.  

Minimum quantity for "Wide Angle Lens Holder" is 1.

Wide Angle Lens Adapter ORF48 to 46

CODE: UC-4095

$22.48   $19.55
In stock
Enables the use of the  FWAL-01 and FWAL-02 Wide Angle   Conversion Lenses with the CP-5 and CP-7 Housings.

Minimum quantity for "Wide Angle Lens Adapter ORF48 to 46" is 1.

Wide Angle Lens


$114.94   $99.95
In stock
  When you need to get everything in the shot With the Sealife Wide Angle Lens, you can stay within the shooting range of your flash and still...

Minimum quantity for "Wide Angle Lens" is 1.

Sport Diving Table


$11.50   $10.00
In stock
Sport Diving Table on Plastic Card

Minimum quantity for "Sport Diving Table" is 1.

SONY W570 VCOM Package


$1,114.35   $969.00
In stock
The SONY W570 VCOM Package includes the following items: -        SONY W570 Camera...

Minimum quantity for "SONY W570 VCOM Package" is 1.

SONY W570 PCOM Package


$976.35   $849.00
In stock
Spectacular clarity with 16.1 mega pixels. Zoom in on life’s great moments with a 5x Optical Zoom. Combining other features like the HD Movie...

Minimum quantity for "SONY W570 PCOM Package" is 1.

Soft Pro Case


$57.44   $49.95
In stock
  Protect your photo equipment The Sealife Soft Pro Case is ideal for protecting one underwater camera, one flash, and accessories....

Minimum quantity for "Soft Pro Case" is 1.

Soft Camera Travel Bag


$102.35   $89.00
In stock
  Soft Camera travel bag for underwater diving HDDV & lights.  It fits the Complete BONICA camera and Lighting system. ...

Minimum quantity for "Soft Camera Travel Bag" is 1.

Snapper HDDV Surfing Handle


$46.00   $40.00
In stock
  This  Bonica Surfing Handle  is used to hold a Bonica HDDV Camcorder in the skin when surfing, kite-boarding, snowboarding,...

Minimum quantity for "Snapper HDDV Surfing Handle" is 1.

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